Austral Recovery

What was the problem?

Austral Recovery is a company dedicated to the collection of debtors, through several studios in the whole Argentina terrain.
They needed a new system and methodology to allow them to upgrade their business model to a digital one. The client wanted to massively process all the raw data provided through different excels, csv and .txt files, and automatically assign and classify the debtors to the correct studios. All this, integrated with an easy day to day follow up solution. They needed to scale and optimize the resources and efforts involved in the process of each collection.

What did we do to solve it?

We approached the project with a strong SPRINT ZERO, implementing DESING THINKING and AGILE as our main tools.

We focused on analyzing their whole business, creating new key user´s workflows, the expected logic & needs behind each one of the raw files, to reach an understanding of the challenges ahead, and bring to life a true 360 digital transformation.

What can Austral Recovery do nowadays with their brand new solution?

With their custom CRM solution, they now can:

  • Have a business centralizated solution for both admin Studio and manager Studios
  • Process all the raw data provided by their clients with few clics and auto storage
  • Full automation for debtors collection and studio assignments
  • Easy payment and follow up of debts through their brand new clients Portal and web
  • Easy visualization of current and historic state of accounts
  • Account and debtor profiling
  • Full ABM for activities, logs and comments.
  • CRM funcionalities for the day to day follow up.
  • Basic BI module for corporate decision making
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