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An Agile Journey to Discover and Develop your best Digital Products
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Remix is a cutting-edge agile team
specialized in the rapid construction of secure and scalable digital products using open source technologies.

Team up with us, and take an agile journey with our product building methodology.

Over fifteen years of experience building startups, helped us create this custom service to save time and efforts in the various processes involved to build the *right solution*.

We also learned how uncertain, expensive, stressing and time consuming these projects can be. Together, we can change that.

Whether it is an early MVP, or a high impact project, we will help you find and scale your best digital solution and improve your team's productivity and internal workflows.

We learned how uncertain, expensive, stressing and time consuming these projects can be. Together, we can change that.

We bring a custom made strategic scaling service for each of our clients.
We will always be looking for the best fit solution for every stage of the project.


Remix Method

Sprint Zero - Gap Analysis

We listen

Special meetings led by expert analists with key stakeholders and users for pain point discovery and solution.

We think

We bring an innovative method to understand your product’s needs, focusing on design thinking and smart prototyping.

We experience

Remix will help you find a low effort implementation, UX friendly and easy to use solution.

We Remix

Remix will create a custom report [GAP ANALYSIS] exposing the breach between what you have and what you really need.

This document will list all key problems and possible solutions, business logics and definitions. Approved prototypes and diagrams will be also shared, to have a mutual understanding on the projects roadmap, risks, and opportunities. In this stage, we can estimate the true efforts for the project.

We deliver

Our project will be divided into strategic stages, with short objectives from sprint to sprint, focusing on bringing value to your organization with smart partial solutions, as we build the definitive version.

Success Cases

Let our success cases show you how we do what we do


What was the problem? The bank works, mainly, with Microsoft and SAP solutions, having big technical difficulties and limitations to […]


What is Contab? Contab is a tasks & teams management app for Latam accounting companies and their clients. With Contab […]

Austral Recovery

What was the problem? Austral Recovery is a company dedicated to the collection of debtors, through several studios in the […]


Situation before Remix IFEI, a 35 years old English teaching academy, had developed a tailor made solution to administer academic […]

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