Situation before Remix

IFEI, a 35 years old English teaching academy, had developed a tailor made solution to administer academic business task workflows. This system proved to be a solution for almost 10 years, when, due to software requirement changes, new academic and/or administration work flows, scalability and overall adaptability of the school’s needs were not being met. A change on billing requirements by local authorities, was the final trigger that made the PO’s start a full discovery to understand the efforts needed to replace the existing software, with an up to date, scalable and centralized solution.

What did REMIX do to find the solution?

We made an agile approach to the project with design thinking and agile implementation [RX METHOD].

We focused the SPRINT ZERO on existing functionalities and work flows, in order to understand how to efficiently solve the team´s everyday problems with a new centralized solution. We created prototypes for the build and found new requirements to integrate and enhance the project´s UX.

With this stage done, we built a board with all EPIC tasks and engaged on an agile SCRUM build. Our objetive was to create an app that suits their needs, is easy and practical to use, expecting it to scale and be offered to other English academy businesses.

IFEI Today.

  • Solid up to date scalable solution
  • Tech Foundation for any challenge ahead
  • Tech stack solution improvement (Open source build)
  • New improved UX and screens

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